DATE : June 29th – July 2nd 2021
Daily training at 7am CET (via Zoom)
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Mirav you are amazing!! I have never felt so on top of the world, energetic, amazing, ready to smash my goals! Thank you Mirav so much! You are amazing!
Gillian Devine
Love this classes! They are educational, fun and motivating. I have never been this productive before. Thank you!

Shirley Lane
Don’t want this week to end! I have had the most amazing time and been so productive! I am also definitely feeling sexier after a year of putting on weight in Covid I am ready to end that story! You are incredible Mirav!!!
Joanna Ellis
More Energy. More Focus. More Productivity. More Time for You! More Confidence. Sexier. Stronger. Happier!


ENERGY is our most valuable asset.

Strangely, over 90% of business owners believe that to succeed in business, you need time, luck and money. Although these factors are important, your energy is what drives your business. And it affects all other areas in your life as well.

The quality of your energy will determine the focus of your work, your productivity, your power of creation. It will attract the clients you want, the opportunities you need, the collaborators who suit your ideas.

Give me 20 min, 4 mornings, next week to show you how to tap into your energy, nourish it, train it, unleash it, while creating a stronger body, a sharper mind, an unstoppable you!

Here’s what’s going to happen :

  • You Join us every morning at 7:00am Cet (6:00am UK) for a live Power Shot with Mirav Tarkka, via Zoom (the link and a replay will be posted on the FB group)
  • During the day, you will be getting useful tips, motivation and information about what you have done
  • Share and celebrate your wins, and be in with a chance to win a competition (prizes value of 89e, 150e, and 1176e!)


Join the free training group here9
How it works

Make that decision and commitment to participate in this bootcamp, 100% in!

schedule in the sessions in your planner

join the FB group and make sure you get the notifications

keep an eye on the FB group to find the link 10 minutes prior to the session

join the training for 20 min every morning, give it your best!

share your experience, your wins, your feeling with the group

win prizes

Join the bonus classes in the end of the week


Five Reasons to sign up :

1. Improve your health

You are in a point in your life you realise your body needs more of what you are giving it, but time is precious and you really don’t know where to start at or how to find the time for that!

2. Gain energy and focus

You are also at a point you wish you had more energy, you want to work less, be more productive, more focused, have more time for you and still succeed in your business

3. Time to restart

You have signed in before but it wasn’t the right time for you and you couldn’t give it your all… time to restart!

4. Adapt to changes

Your business has evolved and changed lately and you need some fresh energy in it and in your life in general

5. Meet your “warrior”

You want to meet your “warrior”, bond with a community who thinks and feels like you, feel motivated and encouraged every step of the way



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Join the free training group here


Mirav Tarkka is a Power coach, drawing knowledge from her experience as an IDF Operational Sergeant & international self-defense teaching career , she is also the bestselling author of 5 books to date, a Public speaker, trainer and a very proud single mother of two wonder women 🙂

Through her profound personal journey during which she was challenged many times and had to break down in order to break through, she discovered the power of the mind to be as powerful as that of the body. Her mind helped her survive wars and a torrent of emotional challenges and her body sustained her physically, working with both of them together was the secret to accomplishing her highest goals. She therefore created her own unique method which combines strengthening the body and sharpening the mind, unleashing what she calls your “Power Of Warrior” and use it to create an unstoppable life in all areas. Her method was tested among hundreds of her students, she was interviewed multiple times for magazines and television and received an international award for her innovation of inserting mental training into the physical world of self-defense.

She believes that, to create overall wellness and use the full potential of your born power, the power of life, training must include various factors which contributes to one’s optimal health and state of mind. Her method includes balancing, connecting to your Qi, facial training, laughter yoga, warrior tapping, EFT, self talk, Warrior moves, connecting to your sensuality, self loving and more.

Her favourite quote is: “Some women fear the fire, some simply become it” By R.H. Sin She currently lives on the beautiful coast of South Italy and continues to train, write and inspire people all over the world.

You are welcome to follow her and enjoy her methods, get motivated and inspired via :

Or follow her authors page @


I love what you do and your energy is amazing. I am starting to see my self in a different light by tapping into my strength and allowing any self doubt to disappear. Thank you!
Sam Davies-Bruce
Thank you Mirav for the Power Shot! I did not realise how static I had become during lockdown! You have got me up bright and early each day and I’ve achieved so much more this week! Fabolous thank you wonderful warrior Mirav xxx
Jo Gray
Thank you so so much Mirav for all 4 Power Shots this week! I feel so so much better mentally and physically! I am more assertive, have been achieving a lot more in my business and I feel better about the way I look too! You have unleashed the Queen in me! Lol
Albane McGuinness
O.M.G!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Mirav! I’ve woken up the last 2 days at 5:30 am, excited like a kid in a sweet shop to do my tai chi & face massage & kick ass pinching and dancing! A million thank yous!
Hayley Bradshaw
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