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Discover my 3 step process to help you achieve any goal and go from stuckness, self doubt, exhaustion, breakdown, an ‘imaginary dream’ to conquering a goal.

STEP 1 – Let’s get dirty! 

Find your point A – your starting point based on where you are now. Get clean, clear and free of obstacles.

STEP 2 – Let’s get wild! 

Create your point B – develop a clear vision based on what you want and get detailed about your goals.

STEP 3 – Plan of attack

Create your path from A to B with a customised plan and a backup plan. Learn how to ensure that you’ll achieve your goal, stay accountable and insert the mini-steps that lead to success into your daily life.



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What it was like to grow up as the product of a Finnish-Jewish family in Israel.

How my childhood experience impacted my self image.

How I overcame my battle with Bulimia.

About the book

UNDEFEATABLE – FROM BREAKDOWN TO BREAKTHROUGH is Mirav Tarkka’s personal story of power from pain.

Written from her unique perspective after being repeatedly challenged to find different ways to overcome adversity, Mirav shares how her determination to rise up and conquer life saw her through endless trauma, disappointment and pain.

From being made homeless twice and living on the streets, narrowly escaping kidnapping and rape, surviving three abusive relationships and five years of Bulimia, Mirav’s account of her refusal to quit inspires resilience and determination in the reader.

The book details how Mirav’s harrowing experience of war and military service together with her training as a international self defence expert propelled her into survival mode. In contrast, the vulnerability of Motherhood and key encounters with life changing mentors and guides taught Mirav how to rediscover who she really is, restore her faith in life, claim her worth and unleash her purpose as a Life Coach. 

UNDEFEATABLE will inspire you to rethink your approach to personal challenges and fill you with admiration for a woman who’s survived and thrived, against all odds.

Meet the author


Mirav is a Power Coach, Author, International Self Defence Expert and former IDF Operational Sergeant.

She’s a woman on a mission to help courageous high flyers transmute their past and nurture their inner strength so that they can rise and create their best possible future.

Over the last 18 years, Mirav has had her fair share of breakdown moments. She had to rebuild her life from scratch so many times while dealing with a roller coaster of emotions – isolation, rejection, abandonment, feeling unloved – but she kept going, no matter what.

After a profound personal journey doing everything within her power to become the best, sassiest version of herself, she now lives the life of her dreams with her two daughters in beautiful Southern Italy. Mirav enjoys the kind of confidence, self love, self control and power in her life that she’s never felt before. She runs her own business and rules her Queendom. And she takes no prisoners doing what she loves.

She’s dedicated to helping others find their power, passion and purpose by tapping into their authenticity and unleashing their inner strength so that they can enjoy every aspect of life to their fullest potential.

Mirav believes it’s time for us all to start living in technicolour, to feel the fire and taste the spice. That’s why she created her Pepper Coaching brand and you’ll often hear her saying that it’s time to sprinkle some pepper on your life!

Want a preview?

A car stopped near by and opened the passenger side door. 

“Get in.” It was Gianni. I hesitated. But what could I do? Keep wandering these unknown streets looking for a hostel? 

I got in the car and turned to look at him, tears burning my eyes. I forgot even the few words I knew to express how I felt. I lifted my hand and slapped Gianni across his face. 

I didn’t expect him to react; in Israel a man reacting to that would be immediately arrested. 

I felt sure of myself and, I admit, a bit proud. Now then, he will learn his lesson. No one treats me that way. 

Gianni looked at me, shocked. But before I knew what was happening, he lifted his hand and slapped me across the face with the back of it. 


I counted the slaps, feeling my back teeth loosening in my mouth and blood filling my cheeks.

I felt no pain, just shock, humiliation, shame. The burning on my cheeks was nothing compared to the tears burning holes in my eyes, everything moved in slow motion and I didn’t even think of reacting. 

I knew I deserved it. 

It serves me right! I am in a foreign country, I shouldn’t behave as if I was in Israel. I should have tried to explain how I felt, instead of using violence. Gianni wasn’t a sucker. In my eyes, at that moment, he earned my admiration and respect. 

Today, years later, I know why that happened. I know exactly what I saw in him in that moment. 

I saw my father, punishing me for not respecting my mother, telling me I wasn’t a good daughter and I deserved to be punished. I admired my father – he was a God to me. What he said meant a lot. 

Here was Gianni, doing exactly the same. Punishing me. Showing me who’s boss. Teaching me to respect him. 

I didn’t think he was wrong. I didn’t think any of this was wrong. All I felt was shame. I told myself I could have avoided it, I made him do it, I deserved to be punished. 

The few crumbs of self love that I had left were gone. 


"Mirav shares her powerful personal story with raw honesty and bravery. She speaks from her heart and her passion for sharing her experience shines through each chapter. It is a roller coaster, and parts of it may shock and surprise you, but this is what has made Mirav who she is today and driven her passion to help people through her coaching work. By the end of the book you'll feel like you really know who Mirav is. There is nobody quite like her. You'll be inspired to take action in your own life, no matter what."
Rhian Kivits
Relationship Therapist | Holistic Healer | Content Creator
“The authentic, breathtaking, genuinely raw testimony of a warrior lady with a golden heart. A dazzling life-changing journey of tears, stubborn joy of living and being human in its purest form. This book has made me fall in love with myself again”
Milica Godevac
Book Worm
"I have always been fascinated by strong women like me, and always wondered how they became this way. I met Mirav when I learned Krav Maga from her and I was immediately impressed by her skills and life experience. When I found out she was writing a book, I was keen to read it. Mirav's book is everything I wished for and more - inspiring, breathtaking, emotional, insightful, shocking, admirable. Women like her are one of a kind. She truly is a Code Breaking Soul."
Nina Menegatto
Princess Of Seborga
“A captivating story packed with lessons for life. The book is so amazing not only because of the story, but because of the lessons we can learn from the story. Life itself is a lesson and Mirav was able to learn that lesson and rise above everything. I believe she didn’t only create her legacy, but she created a ripple effect that will touch the lives of the ones who will read her book.”
Mihaela Vlad
Advertising Strategist
“An inspiring story written with a refreshing honesty and no nonsense attitude. The book to read when you feel that life has thrown too much at you and you want to know how to bounce back."
Heidi De Love
Head of Operations, Whole Is Well, Monaco
“A gripping, hard-hitting autobiography by world-renowned Israeli Self-Defence Instructor, Mirav Tarkka. Undeafeatable - tells a story of a young woman’s journey from a life of habitual violence, perpetual heartbreak, poverty and low self-esteem, to aligning with her life’s purpose as successful entrepreneur, author and sought-after international Life Coach. Tarkka connects with her readers through her raw, real and relatable recollections of life in Israel and abroad. Her story is one of hope, motivation and self-empowerment. She shows the reader that true strength cannot be acquired through gruelling hours working out in the gym, nor does it come from the defence mechanisms, bravado or the impenetrable walls we build up around us. True strength only comes from allowing ourselves to be totally vulnerable. A great read, from an inspirational young woman."
Yolande Herbst
Pure Consciousness Therapy Services
"Undefeatable is an incredibly eye-opening book for women, mothers, entrepreneurs and lightworkers looking to change the world, starting with themeselves. Truly inspiring!"
Marine L Rot
Co-Founder | BeMore Academy
“It’s a compelling and heartwarming story about an intense race between Fear of death and Love for life”
Marija Simeunovic
Business Coach
“Mirav’s story is captivating, inspiring, honest and vulnerable (and I am sure should/will be made into a film!) It is an incredible story of resilience, of never giving up and I took so many lessons from it personally about how to keep on going through the hard times. Mirav is a veritable powerhouse of energy, who walks her talk. Her book will be something I recommend to my clients to remind them that they are stronger than they know. A must read.”
JoJo Ellis
NLP Trainer | Peak Mindset Coach | Mentor to Entrepreneurial Women
“When I started to read the book, I could not stop. First, Mirav's story is incredible and the way that she managed to solve her situation was amazing. It’s really a book that you can't put down! You're literally glued to every page!"
Petra Barros
Founder, The Duckies Design Store | Blogger | Entrepreneur
“OMG, I could not stop reading! A fascinating journey of self-exploration, with a twist of sexiness. A woman going through an amazing journey of self love, gaining confidence and finding true love. Page turning and never a dull moment"
Danielle Meijer
Executive Administrative Assistant
"This book is a beautiful testimony of the Human Spirit. Mirav's life story is heartbreaking on so many levels. A deep dive journey to continuous disappointment, frustration, and sorrow that would crush so many of us. But not Mirav. She came here to face the adversity of life and remind us of the Undefeatable Spirit that we all share. Her incredible Resilience is her conscious choice and a gift to herself, her children and humanity. She is demonstrating how experiencing hardship will change us. The hurt and fear that come with these struggles forever alter our perspectives and our outlook. So resilience isn’t about going through life unaffected by hardship. It’s not about being unyielding in the face of adversity. It’s about integrating those hardships into our lives in a positive and healthy way. If you have the courage to receive Mirav's message, to surrender your dead end "autopilot life" and stand up for your Greatness...You will remember that YOU are in fact -Undefeatable."
Jay Rot
Founder | CEO | BeMore Academy
"...it blew my mind. Mirav has such an incredible story and her writing style is super captivating and keeps you on the edge!”"
Sabine Matharu
Author | TV & Online Networking Community Leader



Subscribe below and I’ll give you exclusive access to a podcast where I read the first chapter of the book.

You’ll hear exactly why I’m a Code Breaking Soul.

What it was like to grow up as the product of a Finnish-Jewish family in Israel.

How my childhood experience impacted my self image.

How I overcame my battle with Bulimia.

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